Чистые помещения класса ISO 7 
стерилизация, сборка и упаковка медицинских изделий


Town: Moscow
Working hours: Mon-Fri. 08:00 to 19:00
Телефон: +7 (495) 690-80-60
E-mail: info@m42.tech
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How can you reach us by car?

Scientific passage, 10, entrance from the side of "Tokyo Service", turn left after d. 14 under the sign.

How to reach us on your own:

The last car from the center, the exit from the glass doors to the left, on the way to the right, then straight ahead to the intersection with the street. The Lenin Sloboda. On this street go straight, passing BC Omega Plaza (so that he remained on the left side) to go to the intersection with the street. Avtozavodskaya. Turn right and after 100-150 meters you will not be at home 16, building. 2

Requisites of the clinic:

Legal Name: LLC "Module 42"

Legal address:

117105, Moscow, Varshavskoye Shosse, 1,
page 1-2, room 57

OGRN: 1157746018297
INN: 7727047484
Gearbox: 772601001

Bank details:

R / s 40702810038000031213 in the PJSC "SBERBANK" in Moscow
C / s 30101810400000000225
BIC 044525225

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