Чистые помещения класса ISO 7 
стерилизация, сборка и упаковка медицинских изделий

About us

The company "Module 42" is engaged in contract manufacturing of medical products in conditions of clean rooms of ISO 7 class by GMP standards. Assembly, gluing, welding, packaging and sterilization of products for manufacturers of medical products. Our company also provides services for reverse engineering, prototyping, laboratory and technical testing. We provide consulting services on methods for conducting product quality control, validation, accelerated aging to determine the expiration date and other tests for the registration of medical devices.

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One of the opportunities to effectively organize these work - their outsourcing, to specialized companies engaged in contract manufacturing (Contract Manufacturing Organizations, CMO). SteriPak Service is one of such companies and is ready to offer you a set of services for the development, assembly, packaging, sterilization of medical devices, and validation of production processes.

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